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Time poor customers find time crucial when searching for certain things. A very robust search filter system being a crucial element was mentioned heavily throughout testing from all participants. And unfortunately, 3 out of 4 users expressed they would skip the videos if they had the choice.

It seems that this assumption is valid. People do trust people…the ones they trust, like friends, family, or even strangers who are in the same boat as them. Funnily enough, even when they are friends and family, they would have had to prove their tastes first before their advice is validated and taken on board. For some industries, consumers suggested that videos such as these could do more harm than good.

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Consumers want the power to make their own decisions based on their gut instincts, on word-of-mouth advice, and on reviews made by other people to help them make their purchase decisions. If this app was go through more sprints, these would be the next course of action:. We, as a team, were so excited about finding out what we could about this, because we started off the project so convinced that it was going to a game changer. Some personal and invaluable lessons I learnt through this project:. Thank you. I was a part of the collaborative researching, analysing and wireframing stages of the UX process, but I predominantly led the building of the high-fidelity prototype, including the decisions around the branding and UI directions.

Sign in Get started. UX Collective. Jan 7. Sprint 1 Kick off We needed qualitative data. The challenge We had 2 agile sprint periods as our timeframe.

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And no time… What do you do? We just knew we had a research task that was twofold: open and closed questions about what an ideal search app for our user persona would have: Open , to determine what customers REALLY want if they could have anything they wanted in a search app. This also would be the starting point for driving innovation. We worked under the assumption that there was a thirst for the product on the business owner side.

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Their thoughts on the videos on these popular platforms were that they: loved the beautifully curated content and how it was a source of their inspiration, and loved how the videos helped them feel a certain way i. What do the users think of the second time span? What type of video content would engage users? Shakayra says that being mixed-race is complex, yet beautiful.

I explained that I was also Jamaican, again no one believed me. I am mixed.

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I am both. But still, that sense of belonging was always missing. Shakayra says that she has always struggled to fit in, ever since her school days. She attended a private Catholic school in Vienna, picked out by her white grandmother. The truth is, the minute I started school I was made to feel like an outsider. To them, I was always just the black girl with funny hair. Why did this supposedly educated man not know where Jamaica was? And that was hurtful.

Not because I do not want to be black, but because he denied us our identity and did it in so swiftly that we did not even know how to respond. There was another incident in a P. Shakayra has experienced these kinds of incidents from all sides. They will always pick and choose what they see you as and run with that narrative regardless of the evidence and what you tell them, and that is so tiring sometimes. Shakayra was bullied regularly at school.

Kids told her that her nose was too wide, that her hair was weird and unpleasant to touch. Instead of a sudden, potentially unexpected conversation, choose a time and place where you are comfortable and plan what you want to say beforehand. On that note, you could also write a letter if you are not as comfortable with a conversation. Check out our sample letter on page 2. Remember, even if it seems scary or if your family never discusses these things, you are doing what is right for you.

Be honest with where you are and think about the specific support you need from them. Focus on actions they can take or things they can change. It might be hard for your parents not to show that they are sad, upset or disappointed. They might be sad that you are suffering, but this does not mean they are upset with you. In fact, many parents are upset because the care about you. Parents often wonder if there was something they could have done differently that would have prevented you from struggling. Thinking through and explaining your fears about their sadness or disappointment might help them to respond in a way that is more helpful for you.

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Another concern many people have is that their parents will become angry or dismiss their feelings, both of which are painful experiences when you are already hurting. When dealing with a potential conflict, it is helpful to plan a meeting or to write a letter saying that you are worried about anger or dismissal.

If they dismiss your concerns, tell them that you are trying to take care of yourself and would like to at least have a discussion with a professional. You can also support your desire for treatment with information and mental health screening results.