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Today's Top Stories. The Best Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram. Thankful Quotes to Share on Thanksgiving. Roxiller Getty Images. Sweet Recipeas. Turn your fruitcake recipes into cupcakes, topped with bourbon-soaked candied fruits.

Our Favorite Holiday Fruitcake Recipe |

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Fruitcake Bar Recipe

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Rate and Comment. Christmas is a tough time if you are Coeliac and have a sweet tooth, so thanks for the thought! Have been looking for something to use up my 3 year old figs and apricots for a while now so this serendipitous. Sadly the figs were so tough they would not blend in my old Braun processor, so resorted to a meat cleaver to cut them up and a bit of whisky to rehydrate. Used sesame, sunflower as well as almonds, and sodium bicarbonate instead of baking soda!

I think this may be pretty darn close.

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Thanks David! Hello fabulous Fruitcake Bars, where have you been my whole life? And the suggestion of goat cheese and honey is off the chart…all for my next holiday party. Ick, I hate green cherries more than anything. I have combined a fruitcake recipe with my oatmeal cookie recipe to come up with a fruitcake cookie my family loves. The addition of candied ginger is one of the key ingredients we adore. Dried pineapple, cherries, raisins, dates and apricots, plus nuts and oatmeal make them wonderful.

Hey Tim, I actually like fruitcake too.

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My neighbour when I was growing up made the best fruitcake, she would give me a whole bunch to keep in the freezer so I could have it all year long. This is essentially the same method I used to make on a larger scale for Christmas fruitcakes when we lived in Iran and there was an amazing selection of dried fruit available. Try adding dried figs, sour cherries, pears, and mulberries to the mix. I baked them in largish loaf pans, I think at for around 2 hr but my memory is uncertain. Doused in brandy and wrapped well they keep indefinitely and improve with age.

I used to make them a good month in advance. These looks delicious and not full of sugar like most desserts this holiday season less than a cup, wow! These bars seem like they would make a quick breakfast to go as well.

Easy and Delicious Old-Fashioned Fruitcake Bars Mary MacRae Warren

I love homemade fruitcake and this sounds like a nice quickie recipe. I think I will try soaking the fruit in some bourbon to give it a more traditional flavor :. This fruitcake bar looks delicious! I like it! I can make some and give as food giveaways this Christmas! Thanks for sharing! Hey David, have you ever used more than one type of nut in one batch? My husband and I are moving to Paris soon, and I am using your site as a resource: wonderful information, and thank you!

The original recipe uses walnuts, I believe, but you could certainly do a mix. Like my French train mix , these are like power bars, but with recognizable ingredients. Rosanna: The dates add plenty of sweetness. And if folks can get them, I do recommend California apricots, which are much more tangy than their Turkish or Chinese counterparts. I keep a stash of those on hand since I like them so much.

Wow that slice above looks fantastic. Wow, once you remove the green cherries, fruitcake DOES look pretty good!