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Just because one is over 40 or even 50, those ovaries still produce a certain amount of beneficial hormones for heart and bones. Unless ovarian cancer runs in her family, in which case better to take them out of course.

Thanks for emailing and I wish your wife well. Sincerely, Rose. If there your wife is suffering from heavy periods and cancer has been ruled out, it may be caused by fibriods. These can be removed by a good surgeon.

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Tell your wife to keep her uterus and all her lovely lady parts. They serve too many purposes. As she approaches menapause, the periods will stop. I like to share my experience. I had a total of 4 abdominal surgeries over a 10 year span- A Myomectomy, 2 C-sections and a Hysterectomy in that order. I tried unsuccessfully to conceive for over 2 years and discovered that multiple grapefruit sized fibroids was the culprit, I was then 30 years old. Having one of the best doctor helped. He knew my child bearing desire and ordered an immediate abdominal myomectomy. I was pregnant 3 months later and my 2nd child came along 2 years after, both delivered by c-section simply because of the prior myomectomy surgery.

Now this was where things got interesting.. I tried every non surgical, holistic approach to shrink my fibroids without success. And in some strange course of event happenings, I had my 1st UTI at age 40 which brought me back to my Dr a different one from the myo but he delivered both my kids. Among other things tested for UTI, he tested my blood level and it showed a shockingly 5. He looked me in the eye and told me that I was toying with life.

That was when I relented and went with the flow. I was tired, very tired of my heavy flow, lack of energy and non desire to do anything. He said that since my ovaries has a good 10 more functional years. The weeks following hysterectomy was tough but I had incredible support from my husband and children who was my arms and legs. But since then I have reclaimed back my life and I finally smile and was happiest I have been in a long time.

OVARIAN CANCER: Personal Stories

It was the best thing I have done to myself since having the myo and my 2 kids. Everybody is different but do listen to your body and get a good doctor who is there for your interest.

Sometime the urge to fight surgery must not be the best in a case such as mine. Good luck and blessings! They just cut and cut you utill your organs are destroyed. I read the story and it seems the first 3 surgeries were due to childbearing. Wouldn't anyone have done likewise if you were seeking to have children? You suggest that if a hysterectomy is going to be performed that the cervix should not be removed and "…be sure the surgeon knows to reconnect the uterosacral and cardinal ligament complexes as well as reconnecting the round ligaments. Once severed the ligaments cannot be reconnected.

They attach to the uterus. The uterus is removed during a hysterectomy, so there is nothing for them to be reattached to that would approximate natural anatomy. When the broad bands of ligaments that attach to the uterus are severed they are tied in bundles that hang unattached at the end that had been connected to the uterus. The problem that you experienced, "…12 years after my hysterectomy either my sigmoid colon or a loop of small bowel descended into the space left between the top of my rectum and my vagina and created problems making bowel moves.

Fibroids: you never need a hysterectomy for fibroids

When the uterus is removed, the bowel drifts down to take up the space where the uterus had been, no longer in it's natural configuration or location. Without the uterus between the bowel and the bladder and to keep the bowel from sitting on top of the vagina, when there is stool in the bowel it presses against the bladder, causing a feeling of needing to urinate, even when there is little urine in the bladder, and the bowel will now press into the top of the vagina.

This is does not happen to women with an intact uterus. I'm so sorry that the repair of the rectocele has left you defacting into a bag. Every woman who undergoes a hysterectomy develops a rectocele. The "repair" is notoriously unsuccessful, although many women are so desperate to have their bowel problem solved they have as many as five or six repairs that don't hold until finally realize that not only does the repair not work, but each surgery leaves them with a greater problem.

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The MRI treatment you suggest has resulted in some very serious complications. The only constructive way to manage fibroids that cause a medical problem is with a myomectomy, surgical removal of fibroids leaving the uterus intact. The only time a myomectomy cannot be performed is when the doctor doesn't have the skill. Unfortunately, rather than sending women to a doctor who does have the skill to perform a myomectomy, most doctors tell women that it can't be done because their fibroids are too large, or they are in a location where it would be too difficult to remove them, or they have too many fibroids to remove and their uterus would be full of holes and not viable.

There is no such thing as a myomectomy that can't be performed IF the doctor has the skill. I am 42 years old and was told that I have a subserosal fibroid on the outer wall of my uterus, measuring approximatly 9cm.

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I have only had one symptom, difficulty urinating, which actually has improved on its own. Due to all the pressure from the fibroid which is obviously also pressing on my bladder, there is tissue slightly bulging outward at the opening of the vagina. I had taken Lurpon for 3 months. The fibroid had shrunk, but not by much. The issue with the bulging tissue has not improved. At the end of the 3 month stint of Lupron I took another ultrasound, and now the report reads Subserosal moving into Submucosal.

My doctor's recomendation had changed from a Myomectomy to Hysterectomy. I am confused as to how the fibroid can change types and if it has shrunk, even if it is a small amount, how does that happen? I have been reading about hysterectomies and want to avoid that at all costs trying to keep my uterus intact for my own well being as well as; I have married late in life and am holding on to my last shreds of hope to have a child.

Any clarity and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Doctor Oz actually started the conversation about unnecessary hysterectomy for Fibroids on his first show. He warned, women don't need a hysterectomy for fibroids. I hope he talks more about this subject and tells women that ovary removal is female castration, too!. Doctor Oz must have a show about the hormones and substances produced by the uterus and ovaries.

The recommendation he gave to get a second opinion was not enough information. Women lose the ability to uterine orgasm after hysterectomy. Medically women experience endocrine system havoc after sex organ amputation hysterectomy and ovary removal female castration. This is criminal, I won't do my whole story, it's too long, but I am in a situation where I may actually die of long-term result of a hyst done for a 2 cm fibroid big intestinal involvement, too depressing a story to keep repeating.

When will this stop? I have had 2 myomectomy surgeries. The first one removed about 35 fibroids and the second one removed about 55 fibroids. I am 38 years old and would desperatley like to have a child. I am full of fibroids again. Is a third myomectomy out of the question in this case. I'm so glad I found your site.

I am 44 years old and a recent ultra sound due to chronic pain and bleeding along with large clots.