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When the boy turnes eighteen years old he is going to help and wake up her daughter with his dark and eternal gift. His vampire kiss Wie kann ich dieses Format nutzen? Melden Sie sich an, um diesen Artikel zu bewerten.

So I just completed the Dark Brotherhood questline for the VERY first time...

Bitte anmelden. Unterschrift Datum TT. JJJJ ist erforderlich. Get back to the Count's Arms and wait around until Velwyn shows up. When he does, speak to him and tell him you're read.

Follow him over to the manor which will once again be populated by ghosts. Ignore them and go down to the basement.


At the far end of the basement is a strange symbol etched on the wall. Bring Velwyn there and then protect yourself while he works his magic. As soon as he lifts the curse, the ghosts will disappear. Approach the wall and activate the symbol to reveal a hidden door. Explore the room and you'll find some nice loot in a sack in the back corner, as well as some other goodies at the desk in the front such as the rare book "Tome of Unlife".

Approach the altar and activate it. The voice of Lorgren Benirus will begin talking to you. When he's done, activate the altar again and you'll place that skeletal hand you picked up a while back on the body. But if you accept, never again will you surrender yourself to others. Or from you if you accept this deal.

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Do you crave to know all that which lies beyond your mortal perspectives. You would do well by accepting the gift I offer. No secret will ever escape you.

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All knowledge will be in your grasp. I offer you the strength of fire. You will then show your friends how stronger you are! You appear healthy but I offer you the resilience of Yog the invisible.

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You sure need this blessing if you are to succeed. It flows red but it can easily bring death, I say it ought to be black. My gifts confers you the power to make this judgment. All you have to do is accept it, and you will have to power the judge anyone in your way.

I must swiftly return to my amber cell, but first, would you like to take my gift? None shall ever find you thereafter. Or I could answer a question for you, I promise not to answer truthfully…. I have a special affinity for those foul beasts. See, they come to me when I so wish it.

The Amber Vault features the three main sarcophagi. These hold the most sought of powers. This is actually where Strahd himself got his powers from. While the vampire and lichdom gifts do not have immediate benefits, until the conditions are met, I advice you to let any PC make the deal with the dark god.

The PC would immediately get the personality trait that comes with it. Which actually suffices for roleplaying purposes. A PC will never be a lich in this game since it requires a level 17 th spellcaster, but a PC might be able to meet the vampire conditions and become a vampire. If that is the case, you should plan this situation with the player before hand, since his PC will abandon game when this happens. It is curious you are that interested in acquiring what he has.

Are you trying to fight fire with fire? You must know this gift is not free to take, like so many others in this place.

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No, there is a price. The price is blood, flowing red and fresh from a recent kill. But not just any blood. It must be the blood of one who loves or reveres you, slain by your hand. If you drink that blood the deal is sealed. Only then shall you achieve the glory of immortality. Nothing else interests me more, and you should feel the same.