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Their chosen route is a vast and ancient trading highway built by an insane emperor called the Mad King's Road. Just a month before their journey's end, they meet Tobias, a dashing Envoy from the Kingdom of R The long journey of the Dwarf Brunhilde and her human husband Mathir have taken them from her clan's home mountains in the far south to the northern city of Algren.. Just a month before their journey's end, they meet Tobias, a dashing Envoy from the Kingdom of Raelen.

Brunhilde finds her thoughts of him turning very naughty indeed. But between her own marital troubles and someone trying to steal her clan's treasured magical gem, does she dare indulge in her most erotic urges? Get A Copy.

The Mad King's Road

Kindle Edition , 80 pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Mad King's Road , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details.

All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Sam rated it really liked it Nov 26, Ulysses S. Cruz rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Eric rated it really liked it Jun 12, David rated it liked it Apr 30, But whose story is true? And what really happened to Julian Blake? All Malcolm Fisher did was run over a badger. Unfortunately the badger turned out to be Ingolf, last of the giants. With his dying breath he reluctantly gave Malcolm two gifts of power and made him ruler of the world. The management buy-out of Hell wasn't going quite as well as had been hoped. For a start, there had been that nasty business with the perjurors, and then came the news that the Most Wanted Man in History had escaped, and all just as the plans for the new theme park, EuroBosch, were underway.

It's amazing the problems drinking can get you into. One little swig from an oddly-shaped bottle and you go from being an ordinary Dutch sea-captain to an unhappy immortal, drifting around the world with your similarly immortal crew, unable to stay in port for long owing to side effects we won't go into right now. You become a creature of myth and legend. Worst of all, Richard Wagner writes an opera about you. Little does Cornelius Vanderdecker, the Flying Dutchman, suspect that a chance encounter in an English pub might just lead to the end of his cursed life, one way or another.

Together with his crew, A BBC film unit one of whom is still investigating Milk Marketing Board conspiracy theories , a scientists who invented everything, and Jane Doland, an undercover accountant for the National Lombard Bank, the Dutchman falls into a series of events which even the composer of The Ring of the Nibelungs might consider overly coincidental and chaotic. All is not well with the universe - cutbacks have taken their toll, and the sun is dirty and late, thanks to being 30 billion miles overdue on its next service.

None of the committees can agree on anything, and extreme measures seem called for. There are many reasons why British summers are either non-existent or, alternatively, held on a Thursday. Many of these reasons are either scientific, mad, or both-but all of them are wrong, especially the scientific ones.

The real reason why it rains perpetually from January 1st to December 31st is, of course, irritable Chinese Water Dragons.


Karen is one such legendary creature. Ancient, noble, nearly indestructible and, for a number of wildly improbable reasons, working as a real estate agent, Karen is irritable quite a lot of the time.

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But now things have changed, and Karen's no longer irritable. She's furious. He is surprised when his dead co-pilot apparently starts speaking to him as they are flying over Northern France. And before you can say 'Bomber Harris', Guy finds himself caught up in time and travel, a search for Richard the Lionheart and a damsel. Sculptress Bianca Wilson is a living legend. George is also a legend, but not living.

However, when Bianca's sculpture of the patron saint and his scaly chum gets a bit too lifelike, it opens up a new can of wyrms. The dragon knows that in the battle between Good and Evil, Evil got a raw deal and is looking to set the record straight. And George who cheated thinks the record's just fine as it is. Snow White and the Seven Samurai.

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Once upon a time, everything was fine. Humpty Dumpty sat on his wall, Jack and Jill went about their lawful business, the Big Bad Wolf did what big bad wolves do, and the wicked queen plotted murder most foul. But the humans hacked, cried havoc, shut down the wicked queen's system, and corrupted her database-and suddenly everything was not fine at all.

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But at least we know that they'll all live happily ever after. Don't we? As everyone knows, when great warriors die, their reward is eternal life in Odin's bijou little residence known as Valhalla. But Valhalla has just changed.

The Mad Kings Road Fantasy Envoy Erotica Book 2

It has grown. It has diversified. Just like any corporation, the Valhalla Group has had to adapt to survive. Unfortunately, not even an omniscient Norse god could have prepared Valhalla for the arrival of Carol Kortright, one-time cocktail waitress, last seen dead, and not at all happy. Digging up the remains of an ancient band of Vikings, archaeologist Hildy is astounded when they rise from the dead, bearing an appetite for seagulls, a twelve-thousand-year-old grudge, and a thirst for war.

It was a busy day on Lake Chicopee, where an eclectic bunch of sightseers and tourists had the strange local residents rubbing their hands with delight. Among them was a young man from England, who was there because he knew about the legend of the ghost of Okeewana and what she promised. Being a hero bothers Jason Derry.

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It's easy to get maladjusted when your mom's a suburban housewife and your dad's the Supreme Being. It can be a real drag slaying monsters and retrieving golden fleeces from fire-spitting dragons, and then having to tidy your room before you can watch Star Trek. But it's not the relentless tedium of imperishable glory that finally brings Jason to the end of his rope; it's something so funny that it's got to be taken seriously.

Deadly seriously. Falling in Love with Hominids. She has been dubbed "one of our most important writers," Junot Diaz , with "an imagination that most of us would kill for" Los Angeles Times , and her work has been called "stunning," New York Times "rich in voice, humor, and dazzling imagery" Kirkus , and "simply triumphant" Dorothy Allison.

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Falling in Love with Hominids presents more than a dozen years of Hopkinson's new, uncollected fiction, much of which has been unavailable in print, including one original story. Her singular, vivid tales, which mix the modern with Afro-Carribean folklore, are occupied by creatures unpredictable and strange: chickens that breathe fire, adults who eat children, and spirits that haunt shopping malls. In beautiful prose, Nalo Hopkinson's The Salt Roads tells how Ezili, the African goddess of love, becomes entangled in the lives of three women.

Grief-powered prayers draw Ezili into the physical world, where she finds herself trapped by her lost memories and by the spiritual effects of the widespread evil of slavery. Mary of Egypt. Ezili becomes entangled with Mer because the midwife's prayers helped draw her into the mortal world.

But it's time now to think on it anew. There's a journey we must go on, and no more delay The Buried Giant begins as a couple set off across a troubled land of mist and rain in the hope of finding a son they have not seen in years.